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Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC)
Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) is produced like normal concrete under ambient conditions.It is produced by mixing Portland cement, Fly-Ash, Stable foam & Water in requisite proportions. The foam contains isolated air bubbles, which creates millions of unconnected tiny voids in the mix resulting in lighter weight concrete. CLC can be used for wide range of engineering applications as it can be produced in the densities ranging from 400 kg/m to 1800 kg/m .


Saving in Raw Material
CLC Blocks reduces dead weight of filler walls in framed structures by more than 50% as compared to brickwork resulting in substantial savings. Due to the bigger and uniform shape of blocks, there is a saving in bed mortar and plaster thickness. Considering that a substantial amount of steel is necessary only to carry the weight of the structure, steel requirement might reduce 15 to 18 percent in a project.


Lower Water Absorption
The water absorption of CLC is relatively lower than Solid cement blocks or clay bricks. It is 8 to 9 % for a density of 800 kg/m3 as compared to 60% in AAC and 15- 20 % in clay bricks and solid blocks.


Superior Thermal Insulation
Thermal Insulation increasingly turns to be the most important issue in the planning and construction of buildings. CLC ensures much higher thermal insulation when compared with other building materials. This reduces recurring cost of energy required for heating and cooling. Better thermal insulation also allows usage of smaller capacities Air-Conditioner than required conventionally.


Superior Sound Insulation
Sound absorption properties of CLC Blocks make it ideal material for reducing ambient noise. CLC Blocks is well-suited for establishments like hospitals and offices situated in noisy areas.

Easy Workability
Blocks products are produced in a rectangular shape for internal and partition walls or in shapes as required. The products are lightweight, making them easy to place and secure using less skilled labor. CLC blocks can be drilled and shaped like wood using standard hand tools, regular screws and nails. Working with CLC blocks is much easier than clay bricks and solid cement blocks.


Enhanced Carpet Area
An engineered CLC block can be offered in any thickness as per the construction design. By using 8 inch thick block in place of 9 inch clay brick, the customer gets an additional 2% to 3% carpet area.


CLC Block products are weather proof, pest resistant and fire proof. The compressive strength is gained with aging just as conventional concrete.


Insulated Flooring
As the impact force will not transmit, slabs produced of CLC or topped with a layer of CLC floor screen will prevent any sound being noticed in the room below. Walls of CLC will also serve as sound retaining walls on roads or railway tracks therefore, absorbing the sound and preventing it from bouncing to the other side.


Environmental Friendly
Manufacturing of CLC Blocks does not have high energy requirements. Since CLC Blocks are made from fly ash – an industrial waste product generated by thermal power plants, it offers a low cost and sustainable solution for today and tomorrow. CLC Blocks are a requisite for green building.




First to Start On-site blocks casting unit


First to introduce High Speed Vertical


First to introduce Modified Synthetic Agent based on enzymatic Synthesis 


Introduced RIYA-561 All-in-1 Foam Concrete System.


Constructed first Cast In-situ house for Tribal Re-settlement in Kerala using RIYA-561 and Plastic Formwork System in just 8 hours window. 


Constructed First house using Insulated Precast Walls made of Foam Concrete Technology


Engaged RIYA-561 for Sunken Filling and Roof Insulation Applications


Started Export Division with First supply of RIYA System to Australia.




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