ELITE CLC offers flexi-size skeleton type battery molds that are lightweight, easy to assemble and de-molding.
You can cast 9”, 8”, 6” and 4” block sizes in the same frame.

S.No Item Description
1 Frame Option 1: Skeleton type frame made by using MS Square tube profile
Option 2: Bucket type frame made by using LGS and MS Angles.
2 Partition Plates Option 1: 4mm thick MS sheet
Option 2: 6mm thick Carbon fiber plate with Textured surface.
3 Size Plates Option 1: 8mm thick Recycled PVC Sheets available in 8”, 6” & 4” sizes.
Option 2: 8mm thick Engineered polymer sheets available in Custom sizes.
Option 3: 10mm thick Particle board cut in custom size.